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How to improve your facial features

The human face is one of the most prominent features of the person and is the single most important factor in how we as people are able to recognize and identify each other. Each human face out there is distinctiveFace-of-beauty and unique in its own way even in the case where two people are identical twins you will find that there are slight differences between their faces that will allow you to tell them apart from each other.

It would therefore come as no surprise that the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures are those that involve work on the face of a person. These are procedures like facelifts, nose job, chin implants, forehead or brow lifts, dental work and skin wrinkle treatments. Surprisingly the face is one of the only partss of the body that can be subjected to multiple aesthetic surgical enhancements over a person’s life time.

In the western culture a person’s nose plays a very important part in how the face looks or is perceived by others, it is therefore understandable to see why so many people would opt to have a nose job or a rhinoplasty as a first step in improving their appearance.

When it comes to a nose job there are two kinds of procedures; one that does not involve any surgery that is known as a non surgical nose job and another that involves surgery. Which procedure your plastic surgeon chooses for you will depend largely on what you want to change about how your nose looks like currently.

If you are wondering how you would decide between the two then you should know a number of things about these two kinds of nose jobs. The non surgical nose job is used to correct minor things in the appearance of the nose and cannot be used to make your nose smaller or change the physical shape of the nose or correct medical defects. It generally costs about $400 to $650 and about 30min to have done and can last anywhere from 8 month or even be permanent.

The surgical type of rhinoplasty is usually done where someone would like to make physical changes to the appearance of the nose or correct any medical conditions or problems with the nose. It usually costs anywhere from $3500 up to $8000 and may take about 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity. It also has a longer recovery period and its results are permanent.